Peaceful Serenity

The other night, or actually in the very early morning hours, I experienced the most peaceful dream I’ve ever encountered.  I dreamt of my own death.  As terrible as that may seem, I have to argue otherwise.  What I can take of it, is that there was some type of natural disaster or something of similar nature that had just recently occurred.  Family and co-workers were in my dream.  One co-worker was picking up various articles and organizing them as to put them away or discard them.  I was weak and knew I was sick and/or close to dying.  Not sick due to the incident, but rather I had been ill for a long while and my time on earth was close to its end.  I could feel and sense it.  Now at this point, I had to move with someone’s assistance, by walking to one building location to another building or room within the same building.  The room I ended up in was clean, white colored with white ottomans strewn throughout the room.  It reminded me almost as if we were all gathered in a very large waiting room area.  People were standing against the walls, sitting on the floor, sitting on the ottomans, or sitting on the floor while leaning against ottomans, as I was, but I was mostly slumped over one.  The dream was silent and nobody really spoke.  Everyone moved slowly and with ease.  You may find this silly or vain, but I calmly asked for another lady to apply nail polish to my unpolished fingernails.  It was as if I were making my last request.  She was probably a good friend or co-worker, but I didn’t recognize her.  I was sitting on the floor and she told me of course she’d do it.  I don’t know where it came from, but she managed to produce a nail polish!  She sat down on the floor beside me.  At that moment, my husband walked around me while a tear was coming down his face, just to be close by to me.  The lady told me my fingers looked so weak with much sadness.  She shook the bottle, and as she untwisted it, I immediately flinched and gasped aloud.  I had felt a sharp pain to my chest, and simultaneously felt my vision was fading to black. Everyone looked at me with frightened expressions.  I knew death was happening at that moment.  I stood up slowly, but with a feeling of panic and tried to speak, but could only mouth the word, “Love”, while putting the palms of my hands together as if praying, and made pointing motions with them towards everyone.  I kept mouthing the word, “Love”, over and over to people around the room, still with my praying hands together and motioning.  My mom looked over at me from across the room and nodded as if she understood.

My vision slowly faded completely to black.  I woke up immediately from that dream and I said to myself, “If that’s how peaceful and painless it’s going to be, then I’m good”.  I went back to sleep.  I was so relaxed and content.

I’ve read that dreaming of your own death may be interpreted as facing the end of something – career, marriage, or other life-altering change.  Also, symbolizing a new chapter in life.  Honestly, I am anxiously hoping that my new career change will be happening by next year, so that may have played a huge factor to my dream.