About Me . .

Hello, my name is Corinne. I’m a  mom, daughter, sister, aunt, breast cancer survivor, and a very good friend to few and far. My family is my world. I’m a working class stiff for the past 30+ years. The last 24 have been as a civilian worker in an industry that is mostly male dominant, which gets a bad rap on a daily basis. Yes, they wear blue. I’m anxious and so looking forward to retirement in the very near future. I don’t know what lies ahead, but I’ll gladly accept what God’s good Grace will bless me with.

I have friends and family who are extremely talented and creative.  They’ve actually put their work out there in the real world, which I think is incredibly brave and inspiring!  I support their efforts 100%, which you will see a lot here on my blog.  My blog postings will be random and whatever the hell I feel like posting!

I’m a girly-girl by nature, who also has the appreciation and respect for most arts of various genres.  Music makes me dance, which I recommend to all.  I will only hula dance if my Mom begs me to.  I love listening to music ranging from AC/DC, Green Day to Led Zeppelin and everything else in between.  I love jewelry by Brighton Collectibles and most things with bling.  I thoroughly enjoy zombie, horror, romance, and comedy flicks.  I’m also a fan of psychic mediums, thus I believe there is a spirit world where all souls gather.  I’m a firm believer in soulmates.  After all,  soulmates always end up together.  Being an introvert, only certain, special people will make me smile, laugh and open up.  Since I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan,  you may hear me yelling at the TV after bad calls!  Don’t even get me started with makeup and YouTube!

Peace. Out.

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