Real Men French Braid


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First off, no I’m not a little girl with blonde hair.  With my husband’s support, I was on a mission to find a YouTube tutorial that he could follow along with, in hopes to learn how to french braid my hair.  I don’t even know how to french braid!  He was very willing to give it a whirl!  So, I found this tutorial where a simple french braid was explained step-by-step for beginners.  At least my husband had experience and was familiar with regular braids, you know, the kind he did on horse tails in his younger years while living on the ranch!  Bless his heart, he practiced and practiced on my hair, but he still said it didn’t look right.  Of course, I didn’t mind because it always feels so relaxing when someone plays with my hair.  Before, during and after, I got the lecture that my long bangs need to fully grow out, so the braid would look right without any “extras”.  Meaning, he’d like all my hair to be one length for easier manageability.  He’s too funny!  My teenaged son asked in confusion, “Are you braiding Mom’s hair?”  Needless to say, I ended up with two, braided tails, but no french braids.  He’s still on a quest to practice until he perfects his skill.  Did I mention he’s also my hair colorist?  That man attacks my gray hair roots with gloves and a brush applicator the way he would work on our cars – with great purpose and tenacity.  He’s a keeper alright, and that’s why I love him!

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