To Find Ms. Kind


I absolutely love Marissa’s writing and had to share her hilarious story of our meet-up! ūüėĀūüĎć‚̧

Originally posted on Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth:

It started out a day just like any other day
Blue skies, pleasant temperatures, typical L.A.
But this Friday was special as I was psyched to be
Meeting soon at Starbucks, a group of bloggers 3.

For a wholesome day of fun, coffee, gossip, laughter
With Erika Kind, Corinneonline, Carolina at Yesterday After
All the women were so sweet starting off you see
But I don’t remember much after sipping my coffee…

And the next thing you know, well, the scene was quite outrageous
My head was pounding as I woke in a hotel in Vegas
Corinne was sprawled out on the couch and starting to come round
Carolina on the floor, Ms. Kind was nowhere found

Strange clothing strewn across the floor, emptied bottles of booze
A gap where I once had a tooth, Corinne had new tattoos
And in the other rooms we found a tiger and a…

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When Bloggership meet…we did!


I was very excited to meet up with these beautiful and talented women! Next time, hopefully, Kevin Hotter can join us!  Better yet, we can go see his comedy act LIVE on stage!! :D

Originally posted on YesterdayAfter:

California 2015

And we finally met in California
on November 6 2015!


Blogger Girls1 copy


On Nov 5th I announced in my post ‚ÄúWhen Bloggership Will Meet‚ÄĚ that something very special was about to happening and it truly happened we met here in California with Erika Kind, Marissa Bergen, Corinne and Me!!! We had great time and it was so wonderful to met the beautiful ladies behind their Blogs! It was indeed an emotional and beautiful day fulfilled with joy and happiness being able to hear our voices and hug each other
lots of smiles and sharing about us this time not behind a keyboard <3

Our meeting venue was at this Starbucks!

While sipping a delicious Peppermint Mocha one of my favorite, we enjoyed our great time together talking a lot, and laughing a lot like friends that know each other from years and years, it was amazing how…

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A New Hello

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.19.17 PM

Concealed emotions once supressed now accepted

Twenty years of silent suffering finally surfaced

A blow to the ego was never intended

Understanding and sincere apologies appreciated

Forgiveness, yes.  Admittedly, this cannot be fixed

Want to give me the world you took from me

Gifts a-plenty and kind gestures galore

Too much to bare and too late to serve their purpose

Humbled by realization of past mistakes

Eager to acknowledge and validate

Ownership of blinded hurtfulness

Years of devoted loyalty wasted

Love enough to let go

Thank you for the goodbye

Time for my new hello

Adoring Pain

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 1.10.52 AM

My eyes were open, but may as well have been squeezed closed tight. ¬†You appeared, and my eyes came into focus once again. ¬†The connection had always been there, but I had been blinded with distraction. ¬†Believe it or not, our paths have crossed in the past, but not to this extent. ¬†Naturally orchestrated, all was meant to be. ¬†Adoring pain, guilty as charged. ¬†Graciously, your compassion, kindness, patience and understanding are admirably expressed. ¬†Although our paths may never cross again, I am eternally grateful, for my soul has been saved, and you don’t even realize it. ¬†With my complete sincerity, thank you.

“I‚Äôve read that dreaming of your own death may be interpreted as facing the end of something ‚Äď career, marriage, or other life-altering change. ¬†Also, symbolizing a new chapter in life.”¬†¬†– ¬†Excerpt from my post published July 31, 2015, ¬†Peaceful Serenity.

Hey Mikey, He Likes it! “Blue Plate”


(Stephen DiSchiavi)

Please check out my link to this article, creatively written by @LisaVProulx . It features Steve DiSchiavi (Co-host of Travel Channel’s The Dead Files) ¬†and his newest project,¬†¬†Blue Plate.

Steve’s a wonderful person, a dear friend, and perfect for this project! Lisa’s words describe it all deliciously. Thank you for your consideration and support!¬† ‚ô•

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